“Working Title”

“Beta, What plans for your future?” “Gap year?” “Job nahi Mila?”

As soon as we step out of our college doors, we are plagued with the uneasiness of finding answers. It stops being about what you want, it becomes about ticking off checklists everyone seems to be waving at you. It isn’t unusual to be shirked aside as an ‘idealist’ or to be grouped under common urban terms like ‘hipster’ if you frown at the lists. Somewhere in this flux of expectation, a group of us decided to take a ‘gap’ year to explore, invent and essentially discover a route away from an institutionalised framework. It isn’t that this is an entirely novel idea but we wished to document what we hope are sometimes meandering, often haphazard journeys… journeys which are for us new and fantastical and on less chartered paths.

Let’s just see where we end up.

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