Tomorrow Never Knows

So, why the year off?

I assume we’ve all hit this question at some point after taking the decision to “drop a year”.

My answer contains various aspects, of which some are personal projects like learning photography and making my film portfolio for film school, whereas other aspects are considered clichés, such as ‘to travel’, ‘to read books’ and ‘to (dare I say) find myself’.

As soon as the last syllables roll off your tongue you find yourself cringing and down we go on the all too familiar self-deprecating road. Without taking myself too seriously, I believe this to be the problem and the root of the stigma attached to taking a year off. Right off the bat we are being put through institution after institution, and a lot of the reasons for me taking a year off have to do with questioning the pre-planned itinerary that seems to have been imposed on my life.

Although I’m not particularly academically inclined, college and the people I met through the institution have helped open my mind to new and fantastic things. Things I now, couldn’t do without. But with a broadened perspective, come new questions, and it is with child like curiosity that lunge into this year, to find some answers and hopefully newer questions.

So to all the condescending questions and expressions, I say fuck you, I will not justify “dropping a year” off your plan for my life and nor will I apologize for taking the time to discover myself and the beautiful world around me.

“It takes time to live. Like any work of art, life needs to be thought about.”

12:44 A.M

Madhav Kodesia

B.A. (H) Economics

Hindu College, Delhi University

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